Barry Waite – 2016

Born an Englishman, he had played for Northampton Saints and East Midlands before moving to Houston early 1973. He took USA residency and became a USA citizen. He played for the Houston Old Boys From 1973 until 1978, a period in which the Old Boys won the TRU championship. He was TRU ‘’man of the year’’ for the 1975/6 season. He coached the Old Boys in 1975/6/7.He was a regular Select side member on both the LAU and TU level in that period and captained the TU side. In 1976 he was a member of the USA Eagles team 22 players that faced Australia as a replacement, and as a starter that year against France in Chicago in May 1976.Injury and business commitments forced his retirement in 1979.

The 1976 USA Eagles 22 have subsequently been elected to the USA Rugby Hall of Fame. It was the Hall of Fame 2020 Chairman’s award.

In 1979 aged 31, my  business took me back to the UK for 2 years, I shattered my kneecap in my second or third game, never had the time to get back to proper playing shape. I had joined the referees society in Texas and once mobile again I refereed until returning to Houston in 1980.