Dave Chambers – 2016

Dave, made many contributions to rugby as a player, referee and administrator. Dave was a founding member of the Houston Old Boys RFC with fellow Hall of Fame Member Lee Garner and helped lead them to several District and State of Texas Championships. He was one of the first members of the All Texas Team and played scrum half in our first game against a team from Nairobi, Kenya. After his playing days moved into refereeing for over ten years and did matches in the US, Canada, England and the Golden Oldies in Australia. Dave held a number of positions at the club and Texas RFU before moving to the USA Rugby Board of Directors representing the Western Territorial Union where he served for over a decade. In 1979-1981 he was elected Treasurer for USA Rugby and this was soon followed by his election to the President of USA Rugby 1981-1983. Dave had a very successful run as USA Rugby President and became a good advocate and spokesman for Texas Rugby while in office.