Dave McPhail – 2019

David McPhail is someone who has continually stepped into the breach. You don’t serve the TRU as Director of Discipline because it’s a fun job, much less as Treasurer; you do these jobs because they are necessary and, many times, no one else will do it. After serving two different TRU Administrations, Dave went on to lead the organization himself for multiple terms, moving our sport forward in many ways large and small.

This is a trait that would be repeated in many other areas, whether it was serving on the Board of a difficult club merger, or in the USA Congress. He gave particularly distinguished service to the Western RFU, making his mark not only as treasurer shepherding funds of over $100,000, but by leading the WRFU 7s program for many years and winning national titles, just as he helped put the TRU Sevens program on the map. He similarly led the fabled Atlantis franchise at the international level.

Near the end of his administrative career – keeping in mind that Dave did enjoy success as a very good player – Dave once more took on the unenviable by accepting the role of Treasurer of Rugby Texas, where he also served as a Board Member. His presence at a critical time brought much needed stability and professionalism to the high school game. Finally, he became a referee, not because he had a desire to move up the ranks (although he has performed at the highest levels as a Match Commissioner), but because we simply needed more bodies. Again, stepping into the breach.