Our TRU staff and volunteers do a terrific job of organizing this event, which is growing in stature every year. As you can appreciate, such an event has a certain amount of built-in overhead that is not recouped through ticket sales. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to come together as a HOF and enjoy each others’ company every year and have the new HOF Members feted at an event worthy of their accomplishments and contributions to Rugby. However, we do not want to see our event subsidized by TRU member dues for things like free tickets for honorees and hardware such as plaques, apparel, medals and other memorabilia; not to mention such costs as the A/V system and other amenities that make the banquet a first class event.

If you are so inclined to help defray the overhead for the banquet, please consider a donation to help with expenses, particularly the purchase of awards and other items. If you cannot attend, a donation equal to the cost of a ticket to be provided to one of the honorees or their spouse, or any amount to offset the cost of awards would be most appreciated.