Lowell Locke – 2018

Lowell Locke is Mr. Junior High Rugby in Houston and coached at the HS level for many years as well. He was a leader of the Houston Old Boys and was a distinguished TRU President for six years. Both his sons were stand-out rugby players, with Andrew garnering local, state and national honors.

1974-1990 (and beyond) Houston Old Boys RFC; captain of the 2nd XV; Club President

1990-1995 TRU President; took TRU from worst in CIPP compliance, to best in WRFU; established first U-15s program in state

1992-2002 Head coach, St. Ambrose Junior High; key organizer of local league; Took squad to national AAU championships and on tours to NZ and England!

2000 – 2003 Assisted Jim Wolfinger at St. Thomas HS

2006-20010 Asked to step in as head coach to save Westside HS; organized tour to D.C. and eventually reached state championships

2011-2017 Head coach St. Pius HS. Won D-II State title; took team on domestic tours; organized Harvey relief work by team; established Cusimano Scholarships totaling over $27,000 as of 2021 to help college bound SPX rugby players.