Red blazers are the official choice for the HOF and you can purchase anywhere you like. The below link will direct you to an on-line retailer that provides the “Classic” at a fair price. Once you acquire a blazer, simply sew/attach the patch over the pocket/heart.

Purchase link.

Questions? Reach out to Paul Mabry.



Elevate your HOF membership with the TRU HOF Red Blazer, the official choice for distinguished HOF members. Made with precision and style, this red blazer is an essential addition to your wardrobe. Crafted in a timeless design, it features a sleek silhouette and showcases a rich red color.

The TRU HOF Red Blazer is available for both men and women, ensuring a perfect fit for every HOF member. This blazer is made from high-quality materials to guarantee durability and comfort. With its professional appearance and attention to detail, it exemplifies elegance and prestige.

Whether you wear it to formal occasions, special events, or HOF gatherings, this red blazer showcases your HOF membership with pride. You can purchase the TRU HOF Red Blazer from a trusted online retailer, ensuring a fair price and hassle-free experience. Once you acquire the blazer, simply sew or attach the HOF patch over the pocket/heart to complete your distinguished look.

Make a statement and embrace the HOF spirit with the TRU HOF Red Blazer, a symbol of honor, achievement, and excellence.

Note: Please follow the provided links for ordering information and to explore additional blazer options in various colors.