Only a select number of people will ever be honored to wear a Texas Rugby HOF ring. Two styles are offered and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. To purchase, please reach out to Paul Mabry.



Original #1

Features a stylized rugby ball on top of the red stone. Ring #1 is slightly larger, and the lettering around the top (“Texas Rugby – Hall of Fame”) is a bit bigger and “pops” more.

Redesigned #2

The slightly redesigned Ring #2 has a “diamond” set inside the stone instead of the rugby ball. Ring #2 is somewhat blingier, but slightly smaller and actually a bit less in-your-face, resembling more a graduation ring; the lettering around it is a tad smaller.

The sides of both rings are identical, except for your own name and year of election. The silver is highly polished and looks good. When ordering, it is imperative that you get the ring size correct; it is strongly recommended that you go to a jeweler and get measured.