Ron Watson – 2018

Ron Watson has been involved in rugby for over 45 years. He has played and administrated rugby teams and unions all over the world. His work ranges from player to president and local union rep to national rep. Currently Ron is not connected to one club. He has taken the position that to improve rugby in the US, an administrator must focus on improving the game with no connection to any specific club. He served three years in the USA Rugby Congress. He helped bring Bob Dwyer and the IRANZ coaches to Texas in 2013. Ron can always be counted on the raise his hand, give the time, and work to improve the TRU, RRRC and USA Rugby.


• Hawaii Harlequins: 1975-2001-VP and President

• Hawaii Rugby Union: President 14 years

• Founder of the Hawaii International Rugby Tournament

• Head Coach Hawaii Kaiser High School Rugby Club

• 2004-2005-Head coach Cairo Rugby Football Club (Egypt)

• Dallas Harlequins 1972-74 Player

• 2001-2003-started Weatherford High School rugby program and won 2003 national high school championship

• President Ft Worth RFC for two years

• Chairman of the Cowtown Rugby Tournament

• Chairman of the USA Western Playoffs held in Ft Worth

• TRU board member as competitions chair for 6 years

• Designed and developed Bob Dwyer and IRANZ coaching clinics for TRU

• At large representative for RRRC for 3 years

• USA congress representative for 3 years