Lee Garner – 2017

Lee was involved in rugby for 20 plus years. His major contributions to Texas Rugby were as TRU Vice President, club founder, coach and administrator. He was among a group of pioneers that help expand rugby in Texas that ultimately led to the formation of the TRU.

In 1962 Lee started his rugby career as a player for the St. Louis Bombers. In the mid-1960’s he moved to Houston and in 1969 he help formed the Houston Rugby Club along with Gail Tennant, Wayne Baxter, and Jim Savage.

In 1972 Lee broke off Houston Rugby Club to form the Houston Old Boys. A club that became one of the TRU powerhouses that won many tournaments and TRU Championships. Lee coached many players who would go on to play for the TRU, Western RFU and the USA Eagles. He was the coach of Barry Waite, Texas HOF member, who was the first TRU play to player for the Eagles against France in 1976.